Markdown-based Blogging Platform : A Benchmark

on rtnF

Markdown is beautiful and easy to use. If you want to write your next article by using Markdown, what's the available alternative right now? Here's my review :

Blogging Platform

Standard blogging platform. Claim a subdomain, then start uploading your posts.

Feature Bearblog
URL Structure
Custom domain? Free Upgrade to pro ($4 per month)
How to register ssh Basic email registration
Post from mobile No (unless if you can scp from your phone) Yes (via web)
Image upload No Upgrade to pro
Custom CSS Yes Yes
Analytics No Upgrade to pro
Upvote mechanism No Yes
Discovery feature Yes Yes

Anonymous Blogging Platform

Anonymous blogging platform. Send your post directly without having to sign up or log in.

Feature rtnF md Rentry
URL Structure
Markdown live preview Yes Yes
Post from mobile Yes Yes
Image upload Yes (paste image) No
Offline draft Yes No
Analytics Upgrade to pro Basic counter, public.

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.