How I set up my $0.0075 blog

on rtnF

Get your instance

First, open terminal, then execute this, then pick your username. Remember this username.


Connect your IDE to your instance

Then, install Sublime Text, click Tools -> Build System -> New Build System. Then add this new build system.

	"shell_cmd": "echo Uploading to && scp \"$file\""

Save as prose.sublime-build. Now, you can press ctrl+b to publish your file to your instance (but make sure to check the "prose" menu in Tools-> Build System)

Configure site settings

Create a new file, fill it with your own site settings, here's mine :

title: "rtnF"
    - github:
    - HN:
    - OSM:
    - wiki:
    - twitter:
    - about:
image :
summary : "rtnF's blog"
summary_large_image :

If you're done, save and upload it (ctrl+b).

Configure themes

Create a new file _styles.css, download the themes here. Upload it to your instance (ctrl+b).

Configure custom domain

I got a promo code from my hosting provider, so i can buy this domain ( for only $ 0.0075 (Rp 111) for 1 year.

Then, let's configure the custom domain. If you want to point your main domain directly to your blog, then you should use A record :

Name Type TTL Rdata
@ A 14400
_prose TXT 14400 rtnf

But if you want to point a subdomain to your blog, then you need to use CNAME record :

Name Type TTL Rdata
blog CNAME 14400 TXT 14400 rtnf

"rtnf" is my instance username, you should change it to yours (take a look at step one). is's server. "blog" is the subdomain, you can change it as you wish.

Post something

Your website is now up and running. Go post something. For example, create, then write this

title: "SQLite : Pages & Btrees"
These first two fields use what's called a variable-length integer encoding (varint). This encoding is used so that we don't use a huge 8-byte field for every integer and waste a bunch of space. Varints use a simple trick. The high bit is used as a flag to indicate if there are more bytes to be read and the other 7 bits are our actual data. So, if we wanted to represent 1000, we start with its binary representation into 7 bit chunks...

Then upload it (ctrl + b). Your post will be up and running at